Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On my previous post, I mentioned that my first gun was a .22 magnum revolver. Any kind of caliber that is .22 ammo regardless if its a long/short is perfect for any person who has never shot a gun before. It has very little to no kick back at all! I'd recommend to use a .22 for target practice.
Why I shoot? Well, I started shooting at age 14. My dad us a huge gun anthusiest and hunter. He gave me my first gun when I was 17, I think. It was a hand me down from my grandpa, 22 revolver. I didn't  really use it much, just when I would go to the range with my dad. 
I'm 25 now and I have grown to love and apreciate any kind of gun. I believe that every women should own one, only if they have proper traing in handling a fire arm, at least just to have it at home, away from childrens reach.   
I shoot because I am 4'10, 89 pounds, so you know how that goes... I rather be safe than sorry. It's either me or the bad guy. With that being said, I encourage every women to get their CHL (Concealed Handgun License). 
I have this blog to give you my opinion on each gun I have shot, the most comfortable, and the perfect gun for the occasion for girls that have the same issue as me... guns are too heavy and the kick back is too strong!!!